Remnants of the former Working Group Angewandte Datentechnik (Softwaretechnik) at the University of Paderborn

The Working Group Angewandte Datentechnik (Software Engineering) at the University of Paderborn was chaired by Fevzi Belli until his retirement in 2013. IVK, long-term partner of Angewandte Datentechnik since 1999, took over the remnants. In autumn 2020, the name and status of IVK have been changed as follows: "Interest Group for Dependability and Reuse"

Working Area

IVK carries out inter- and cross-disciplinary research and development concentrating on quality requirements for mission fitness in the reuse of technical systems. The central notions are "dependability" and "reuse".
Dependability combines all the characteristic features of quality, such as reliability, safety, security, robustness, fault tolerance, testability, ease of use, etc., and attempts to quantify them to justify an acceptable serviceability in accordance with the operational profile required by the user.
Reuse and recycling are major notions for utilization of used components; they include features such as modularity, interoperability, compatibility, etc, also in accordance with the legal requirements.


Missions and Visions

Missions and Visions
Application-oriented research and development concerning the following features:

  • Fitness for usage and operational functionality, dependability
  • Reusability as new, interchangeability (components of the electrical and electronics industry, information technology)
  • Methods, techniques, and tools for continuous, economical rejuvenation and regeneration

The research activities include developing techniques and standards for scientifically well-founded test and analysis methods and tools.

Further activities include

  • Outsourcing services for tests and analysis of components and products, weak point and bottleneck analysis (audits, verification, validation)
  • Error proneness analysis
  • Requirement analysis for component replacement; reliability determination
  • Reuse of components to save environment while avoiding economic disadvantages


Structure and Staff

The scope of IVK's activities has many faces and facets; many disciplines from engineering and natural and social sciences are involved, while at the same time economic aspects are considered. The IVK has traditional cooperation partners, not only from the University of Paderborn, but also from other universities and research institutes, both within Germany and outside of Germany.